About the Author

Dan Breckingridge Moore attended Woodberry Forest School in Orange, VA, 1947-1950. There he took a history course with Colonel Robert Rogers. An inspiring teacher, he required all his students to be very thorough in researching and writing about history.

He then enrolled at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. In 1956 he received his B.A. in History of Fine Art. Taking a hiatus from his college career, he entered the U.S. Army. After completing basic training at Fort Knox, KY, he was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Finally, he was stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and worked in the Division Ordnance Supply. In June of 1955, he fulfilled his service obligation and received an Honorable Discharge and a Good Conduct medal, returning to Washington & Lee to finish his degree.

Dan then began studying Residential Design and Building Materials Merchandising at Michigan State University in 1957. There he met his future wife, Jane Barrons. They were married in June of 1959. That September, Dan and Jane moved to Paris, France for nine months. He studied art at the Académie Furstenburg with Jacques Le Chevallier, a WWI veteran and stained-glass window designer. He also obtained a license permitting him to work in the Louvre copying old master paintings.

In 1960, Dan and Jane returned to the U.S. and made their home in Huntington, WV. Dan joined his father, James E. Moore, in the lumber and building supply business at Minter Homes for the next 20 years. Here they raised their two children, Nancy and Jonathan. The family moved to Reston, VA in 1985 where Dan worked for several companies. They moved to Purcellville in 2001, 50 miles west of the nation's capital. Here he built an art studio and conducted art training for students until this year.